Monday, 13 September 2010

How Do Boro Fix It Then?

As I have already said in past blog posts, we do have quite a few moaners at the Riverside. Judging by recent performances they have every right to be venting off - but how can Boro sort out the form on the field?

It's fine posting on the internet 'Strachan Out!!!' but is that really the answer? Martin O'Neil is a name mentioned, even Tony Mowbray, but really is a quick managerial switch going to propel us up the league? Here is my thoughts on the current situation.

Sacking Strachan

I don't think this is the answer at all. The current team are Strachan's players and if he was to be sacked they wouldn't take too kindly to it. Remember they all said he was the reason they came to Middlesbrough. Sack Strachan and we would have to rebuild another squad again starting in January. Not good for a promotion attempt. I wonder also if we have the money for yet another squad rebuild?

Martin O'Neil

Really? Come on. Why would Martin O'Neil want to come and manage us? Talk about poisoned chalice. He'd have no money, a half full stadium and a Chairman who is getting into the habit of sacking managers after not even a full season trying to get promotion. I think he's give that one a miss.

Tony Mowbray

Brilliant captain for Boro... we have heard this story somewhere else before... Mogga will always have fond memories on Teesside, so why would he ruin his relationship with the fans by subjecting himself to the managers job? He has hardly proved himself in the managerial stakes either. There are Boro fans saying Strachan is a poor manager despite the fact he succeeded in the SPL (and also saying their mothers could manage Celtic in the SPL), but Mogga tried, and failed badly.

Keeping Strachan

Is five games a fair crack of the whip for an injury ravished side before the manager is sacked? I think not. But something has to happen, and fast. We need six points in the next two games to get a serious promotion push back on track. If we can do this we are not really that far behind - with Boyd and McDonald up front banging goals in I'm sure we could make up nine points. There are a lot of games left.

So The Sensible Choice Is..?

What do you do as a Chairman? Sit back and hope things change, or make a snap decision and hope that it works, at a financial cost to the club? As I don't have Steve Gibson's mobile phone number I couldn't ask him but I did get the views of Paul Fraser (Northern Echo) and Robbie Mustoe on what we should do with regards to out recent form via Twitter:

@paulfraserecho What's your thoughts on Strachan and Boro? Surely we gotta stick with him??
@MFCFacebook that's my opinion at the moment. I think, given the turnover in personnel, I don't see the point in axing Strachan now.

@robbiemustoe What's your thoughts on Strachan and our dismal start?
@MFCFacebook I'm saddened like everyone else, he must be given time, the fans must try & be patient. It's still early this season.

So Paul and Robbie think we need to keep the faith, and to be honest so do I. Boro fans if you do one thing please do this - if you shout for Strachan to be fired have a decent argument about why its best for the club... not only football wise, but financially as well. Getting rid of this squad and starting again could put us in more trouble than we are already in.

Feel free to put your ideas to save the club in the comments section - you never know, Gibbo might have a read :-)


  1. Under Strachan we have won 8 games in 40 matches.

    How many more games do we give him.

    Has Strachan underestimated the Championship and overestimated the SPL players?

  2. Maybe he has, but what can be gone asap to improve things? If its the players we can't change them until January anyway despite who is manager. Can we afford to replace half the squad?

  3. I think the only thing that can sort this out is a reshuffle of players Mcdonald seems to be the only one who has more than a single goal to his name, thats the issue here not just the manager goals win games it's not complicated really. Strachan has made a few mistakes so far and part of that was letting our young midfeilders go out on loan, can't fix that now to late. my opinion either go 4-3-3 with kink, macca and boyd or lita upfront add some width to the team. what else can they do now.