Tuesday, 26 October 2010

One Man For The Job?

There is only one man for the job, not that I think its the best man for the job, but Tony Mowbray is the only man who can galvanise the town, club and fans in this time of crisis. The club need a boost, and this could be it, but the problem is that it is taking a while to appoint him.

Surely as soon as Gordon Strachan handed in his resignation the call to find out if Tony Mowbray was interested in the job should have been made. If this was the case why was it only Monday (according to the local press) that his interview was carried out? I can understand leaving the appointment until after the Norwich City away game, especially with our away form, but I really thought that an announcement would have been made on Monday. But alas no, all that has been revealed is that Mowbray is on a good contract for the next six months at Celtic, even getting win bonuses, and he is reluctant to lose this cash.

So what for now for Boro? Well it seems that whilst the negotiations are ongoing with Mowbray and Celtic we are in limbo, apart from lining up Paul Ince as the number two choice in case Mowbray turns the job down due to his Celtic deal. This surely can not be good for Boro, and I don't know how Gibson has let this situation arise. Basically how I read it is that if Boro don't pay Mogga something near his current deal, or Celtic can't be reasoned with to pay some of the money we are going to go with Ince. Ince will know that he always was second choice, and so will the fans. Having come so close to signing Mogga, getting Ince would be a blow for the majority of Boro fans, and I don't think it will help with the needed recovery on the pitch, after all no one like playing in empty stadiums.

I just hope that something can be sorted out asap. The players need time with the manager and new staff, and vice versa. We have a must win home game against Bristol City on Saturday, and all this unrest surely can't help with Agnew's preparations. Come on Steve Gibson, lets get this sorted for the sake of the club!

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