Thursday, 23 December 2010

Mowbray Confirms Wheater Exit

Skysports tonight have confirmed what we have been thinking for some time - David Wheater will be sold in the January transfer window.

It is the sensible thing to do financially, we can't afford to let him walk away for nothing after all the money invested in him on his journey through the academy, but I do wonder if this is the right thing to do for the football club as a whole.

In the past Boro have had to decide on the best time to sell players when we have been on the decline. The first was Stewart Downing - we opted to stick with him, not buy any players and were promptly relegated. The next Adam Johnson - we sold and then the team stopped performing ensuring no chance of promotion. I would argue in both situations Steve Gibson made the wrong call. With the money from the Downing sale we could have got a couple of players in that might have made the difference and kept us up and Johnson was the star man in the team when he was sold. What sort of message does it give to the fans when we insist on selling the local talent to our old Premier League rivals?

We walk a fine line with January coming up - Boro are in danger of relegation on current form - so what do we do? Twist or Stick? Gibson has opted to twist. Cash in now, get rid of Premier League quality and replace with Championship quality.

My major concern with all of this is will any of the money be reinvested back into the squad. How much will Wheater fetch? £2m? Well that in itself certainly isn't going to get us the players that we need to climb up the league. Another concern is where will the selling end? Surely Gary O'Neil is a prime candidate to leave in January and Kris Boyd has been another name mentioned. With our past record I doubt very much that these players will be replaced with better ones for the same money.

The only saving grace is that Tony Mowbray can spot a player with potential - we have to trust that he can bring in the sort of players that can help build a team ready to challenge for promotion in the next two seasons before the parachute payments run dry.

So I ask you Boro fans - would you sell David Wheater?

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  1. Yes. He seems to be shakey in defence with less experienced defenders - such as Matty Bates. A more experienced defender such as Huth played great with him.

    I think he needs to be told what to do quite alot - and our current defenders don't have that experience to command him.