Monday, 30 November 2009

Peterborough vs Middlesbrough 28/11/09

Peterborough 2 - Boro 2

Kitson 28, 58

This report has to be brief, mainly because in the terraces I couldn't really see the game, I only really saw Kitson's second goal!

A few points that I would like to make though are as follows:

Adam Johnson

The lad again had a really off game, don't know what his problem is at the moment... Maybe all this talk of moving to a Premier League club on a big money deal might be distracting him.

Dave Kitson

Brilliant performance for two goals, shame he is off back to Stoke in 6 weeks!

The Fans

The support was amazing on Saturday, but there was an awful amount of booing at full time. Fair enough, it was a must win game, and we only drew, and Posh are a poor side, but I think that the fans went a little over the top. The most amazing shout I heard was "Strachan Out - Southgate In!" - you do wonder if some fans have any clue at all - Strachan has only had 4 games mate... come on!!

Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry not very detailed, but despite terracing providing a great athmosphere you can't see any of the game!

Boro Man of the Match - Dave Kitson
Attendance - 10,772
Game Highlight - The Terracing, what an athmosphere

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