Saturday, 5 December 2009

Email Rants

Here are a few snippets from the various email conversations my fellow Boro fans and I have during the long tedious week at work... Please note that these aren't necessarily my views before I get slated for the anti-Gibson comments! Anyone agree with any of these thoughts?

Darren Bent & Steve Gibson

"Bent needs a run in the side before I pass judgement, I've only seen him play for about 70 mins - first game he looked pretty good, against Forest he was poor.

Gibson has made a massive error here you know, just looking at our front line the alarm bells should have been ringing! Now he's acted too late, and WGS is having to bring players in and hope the make an impact early doors, which is hard. Bent might have been all right if he had a pre-season, same with Folan, but now we are just chucking them on the pitch and hoping. Its not WGS's fault, what can he do? Its Gibson's and Southgate's, and it is gonna stop us going up in all likeliness. Gibson is a weak man, he should have got rid in Jan but never, that cost us our Prem League status, he should have sacked him at end of the season, but didn't, and that's gonna cost us promotion. From Hero to Zero in 3 seasons, cheers Steve, now jog on!

Gibson needs to spend about £10m to get us anywhere near promotion in Jan, people like Beckford and Hulse are who we should be looking to buy - PROVEN goalscorers... how many times has it being said? We need EXPERIENCE and players with PROVEN records!"

MFC's Half Season Ticket Money Back Offer (Link)

"Its annoyed me quite a bit actually - I know we aren't gonna win 4 games on the bounce so it won't affect us, and it might get a few more in (prob not that many more), but its the way MFC can only ever take REACTIVE action to any situation, rather than PROACTIVE action.

Prime example of this was Southgate, should have got sacked but we waited until we had lost 4 at home, this ST thing is another... if they were worried about attendance (which they should have been by keeping Southgate on) they should have dropped ST prices by 20% or something.

Obviously this way they won't lose any money cos we aint winning 4 on the bounce, but I think fans know this and there won't be that many that will fall for the ploy..."

Well as you can probably tell there is some annoyance with Boro in these two snippets, but what about the rest of the fans? Are they losing patience with the club? Please comment and let me know!

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