Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Learning from Southgate

The majority of fans could learn a thing or two from Gareth Southgate, including myself... He said on the BBC last night that he'd moved forward, and I think our support needs to move forward as well. We need to stop calling for Southgate to be reinstated, stop calling for Strachan's head, stop blaming Gibson for errors in the past and commit to the Boro until the end of the season!

Everyone wants the same thing - PROMOTION. Steve Gibson wants it, Gordon Strachan wants it, the players want it, and the fans want it. We can play our part as well - we need to have all the fans behind the team, the attendances about 25,000 and no boos at the end of the game and we'll have a much better chance of succeeding this season.

Late Kick Off, featuring the interview with Gareth Southgate is available on the BBC iPlayer until 12:04am on Tuesday 24 January 2010. Click here to watch...

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