Sunday, 20 December 2009

Middlesbrough vs Cardiff 13/12/2009

Boro 0 - Cardiff 1

With Boro striding out to 'Steel River' I was confident that we might just get something out of this game, especially after the recent run of home results, but unfortunately I was to be disappointed.

An all time league low attendance suffered in the cold as Boro yet again were sunk by an average team by lacklustre defending, more so on the part of Brad Jones. In addition to this earlier on in the game Marcus Bent had an amazing opportunity to fire us into the lead, but upon receiving the ball looked like a scared rabbit in the headlights of a car and froze, then lazily passed.

Apart from this there is little to report back, just another poor performance at home.

Player Ratings

Jones - 5
Pogatetz – 7
Wheater – 6
StLedger – 6
McMahon – 5
Williams – 6
Yeates – 7
Osbourne – 6
Johnson – 6
Kitson – 6
Bent – 5

Lita – 5
Emnes – 5

Boro Man of the Match - Mark Yeates
Attendance - 17,242
Game Highlight - None

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