Sunday, 20 December 2009

Newcastle vs Middlesbrough 20/12/2009

Newcastle 2 - Boro 0

No match report due to Christmas holidays

Player Ratings

Jones - 3
Pogatetz – 7
Wheater – 6
Hoyte – 5
McMahon – 5
Williams – 6
Arca – 5
Osbourne – 6
O'Neil – 6
Kitson – 5
Lita – 6

Yeates – 6
Bent – 6
Franks – 6

Boro Man of the Match - Emanual Pogatetz
Attendance - 49,664
Game Highlight - None

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  1. 4 is a bit generous for Jones! Would have given him a 3 or a 2 to be honest. Marcus Bent was more invisible than Kitson for the 45 minutes he was on and O'Neill was the only class the team had when attacking today. Lita had the energy but didn't stand a chance taking on Gutierrez.

  2. Poggy MOTM Seriously, he was poor today, and walking away from the ref is just childish!, i cant see us finishing in the top half, we can knock the ball between the defence and the midfield, to many silly mistakes, strachan needs to get back to basics, and im sure the gate will be looking at us thinking he could have done better!
    Cant see where our next win is coming from,i seriously believe we may get dragged into a relegation battle!

  3. Scunthorpe next.

    Drop; Jones & Hoyte

    Make sure Yeates starts, give Wheater and Pog more time in the centre together and forget about wasting £4m on st. Ledger get a competent goalkeeper instead!

  4. MOM was a lottery really today - don't think anyone deserved it... and Yea, I'll amend Jones down to a 3... that's a fair point!!!